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Other Training

All these courses include customisable components to focus on your training needs.
Specific courses that are available include:
Reconciliation of Production with Predictions
Mining Geology, Grade Control and Reconciliation
Making Your Feasibility Study Bankable
Principles of Statistics and Geostatistics for Grade Control
Public Reporting of Resources and Reserves and Compliance with International Codes
Fundamentals of Geometallurgy from Project Conception to Closure

Strategic Ore Control - Customised On-Site Training

The definitive on-site course for all mining personnel, redesigned with new material

With the high turnover in many mining operations there is a constant need to refresh knowledge and to ensure that all members of the team are using robust techniques. This course provides a framework, theory and practical solutions for the series of tasks that contribute to maximising the value of ore sent to the mill. A systematic philosophy and approach to Ore Control is presented and developed in conjunction with the participants, who interact by testing the approach using knowledge of their own operations.

This course is for mining geology, mining engineering and mineral processing professionals seeking to maximise the ore control ‘value chain’. In the current economic climate most mines are seeking ways to minimise costs. This course focuses on getting value for money out of your ore control (grade control) systems and identifies strategies to maximise value in mining operations.

This course is based on original ideas and approaches developed over many years. Aspects have been presented since 1990 and over 1,000 participants have been trained worldwide in over 90 courses.

Note that the number of participants is always limited.

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Principles of Mining Grade Control

The original interactive course, updated and revised - still unique

Last held publicly at the 10th International Mining Geology Conference on 18 & 19 September 2017 in Hobart, Tasmania.

This interactive workshop was first presented in August 1991. It draws on many sources, years of deep, practical knowledge and examples from the participants' own experience. The approach used is still unique and requires participation and sharing. The dynamic experience of actively listening, critically thinking and robustly defending ideas provides a sound pathway to developing a broader knowledge base, new skills and an active support network.

Theoretical content covered includes the principles behind: geological data collection, sampling theory, geostatistics, the economic basis for cut-off grades, defining the ore blocks, control of ore and waste mining, stockpile management and reconciliation.

Note that this two-day format relies on interaction by participants from a number of mines with different styles (open pit and underground) and different commodities (gold, iron, copper, etc). Thus every workshop is different.

This course is most appropriate for geologists and other professionals passionate about mining.
Since our first public workshop on Mining Grade Control, over 1,000 registrants around the world have benefited from the clear, logical approach propounded by Bill and his adherents. Many of the early attendees are still in the mining industry and now in positions of seniority at mine sites and consultancies around the world.

Some preparation is required (advised on application, prior to registration).